"Kaveret" is an academic journal with a difference. "Kaveret" deals with multi-disciplinary issues written by professionals, writers and poets, each with their particular perspectives. This approach of writing in prose, poetry and story telling brings academic issues in a reader-friendly manner to the general public. Each issue is devoted to one topic and each concept discussed adheres to the four principles of "Kaveret"'s credo: § A comprehensive discussion of the concept from different perspectives: philosophical, psychological, sociological, economic, religious, literal and artistic. § Discussion from the general to the individual - from the macro society at large to the micro, the individual, through his thoughts, feelings, disappointments and ambitions. § Students, graduates, teaching assistants and faculty from within COMAS and outside, all contribute to the content. § The items are kept brief, focused and aimed at as wider audience as possible.


ISSN 2225-4838 (print)

ISSN 2225-4846 (Online)

ISSN: 2225-4846

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